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Select suitable web site for your business

October 28, 2020 Pixel Lanka 0 Comments

We receive many inquires requesting web site and most of they have only limited idea of what they actually need. Once they chat with our web designing experts, they realize there are so many to consider and many opportunities to get more customers.

By reading this article you can select the most useful method for your web site.

We list them into two main types. One as “Dyanamic” and other one is “Static”. Let’s see what that mean and the benefits.

Dynamic web site

This kind of web site or individual page content is updatable. That means Dynamic web page content and other information are change automatically according to viewer, country, time duration and many other facts. The best examples of this kind of webs are social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and etc.

Dynamic web sites have two main sections called server-side scripting (code) and client-side scripting. Server side languages are language like python or ruby and etc and a database system is essential.

Static web sites

This kind of web pages has fixed content such as text, image video and etc,. That means it displays exact same content for the every visitor who visit the web site on any time. Basically we use Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML) to static web site. Wikipedia is example

Interactive Websites

Interactive websites are found to be more successful than the other websites. This kind of web sites creates a rich, interactive experience for the user. Than visiting same page content, images, you can communicate with the person who manage the web site through a comment, message or by posting replies.
You can see pop-up boxes, videos or audio clips or a forum, contact forms or many more communicating methods

E-commerce web sites

E commerce web sites facilitate online transactions of goods and services. This web site transfer information and funds over the Internet between vendors and customers. In other words, this kind of web sites use to buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. There should have payment gate to do the transactions through the web site. Amazon and eBay are few major e-commerce websites in the world.

Do you need to know more about the most suitable web site for your business? Contact our web development experts here and we’ll help you identify the ideal solution for you

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